Which Leash Is Best For Your Dog?

Which Leash Is Best For Your Dog?

Standard Leashes

You’ve probably seen a standard leash numerous times. They are usually made from nylon and clip onto your dog’s collar. They have a loop at the end that you can hold on to. They range in length from around 4 to 8ft. The best leash for your dog will depend on their size, behaviour and habits. Make sure it’s decent quality so it doesn’t fray or break. You can also look at reflective materials if you want the leash to be visible at night.

Retractable Leashes

Retractable leashes have faced some controversy as they limit the control over your dog. Retractable leashes will extend as your dog moves. They can reach as far as 26ft, however owners can lock the leash at any length. The leash will retract into the plastic handle. Retractable leashes are great for owners who want to give their pet more flexibility, without letting them off the leash completely. However, they should be used for dogs who are well trained.

 Adjustable Leashes

If you’re looking for something in between the standard and the retractable leash, you may want to consider an adjustable leash. These leashes have multiple loops that enable you to adjust the length of the leash as you like. This can be useful if you are visiting different areas such as a dog park, or walking in a busy area.

When it comes to leashes, the most important considerations is your dog’s wellbeing. All leashes must be comfortable for and should never restrict them from being able to walk, drink or pant. A leash should never cause any pain or cause injury. Excited or enthusiastic dogs may be difficult to handle when walking. Some basic training at dog school, or enlisting the help of a dog trainer will greatly help with making every walking experience a happy one.