When Someone You Love Doesn’t Love Pets

When Someone You Love Doesn’t Love Pets

There are a few ways you can share the joy of pets, even with the toughest of audiences.

Find out their beliefs around animals

There can be a whole host of reasons why someone isn’t comfortable with pets. The best place to start is to talk to the person in your life. It may be that they have never owned a pet, or even been near one. Perhaps they have a phobia or an allergy. Have the conversation and find out as much as the person is willing to share. This will help you better understand why they hold certain beliefs, and potentially change them. The key is to never judge. Everyone is entitled to their opinion so do your best to be understanding.

Respect boundaries

No matter what the person in your life has said about pets, it’s important to respect their boundaries. If they are willing, you can try and spend little bits of time with them and your pet, so they become used to them. However, if they don’t agree, never force it on the person or your pet. In the case of phobias or allergies you can seek professional help and get assistance with how to manage the situation.

Controlled interaction

You may be able to come up with ways to have the person spend time with your pet in a controlled way. For example, let’s say the person is afraid of cats. You may be able to hold your cat while the person pats it. Or perhaps the person has never owned a pet and simply has no interest. You may be able to find something that does interest them and bring your pet along. For example, you could go for a walk in a scenic area and bring your dog.

Like a lot of things, it may take time. You can always start small like showing the person photos of your pet, being in the same room as you both or having them involved in play or grooming time.  The person in your life may simply need to get to know your pet. Just like we need to get to know other people.