When Cats Stop Using The Litter Tray

When Cats Stop Using The Litter Tray

There are a lot of reasons why cat can stop using the litter tray and start going elsewhere, but there are ways to get your cat back on track.

Have your cat’s health checked

There can be various reasons why your cat has begun toileting in inappropriate areas. The first step is to take your cat to the vet for a check-up. Sometimes, cats can develop issues such as urinary tract infections or bladder problems. Always check in with your vet to rule out any health issues. It could be that your cat is uncomfortable. A vet will be able to assess and treat the problem.

Behavioural issues

Another reason that your cat may have stopped using the litter tray could be because of behavioural reasons. Cats like routine. They will keep doing what they always do, unless they feel threatened or anxious in some way. There could be a reason why your cat is avoiding toileting where it usually does. This may be due to changes in their routine, another new pet in the home or a nearby pet that is causing them fear.

Resolving the issue

Cats will go back to the same place to do their business because they can smell their previous markings. Start by thoroughly cleaning the new place where they are going to the toilet to deter them going back. The next step is to provide another litter tray in another area of the house. You may find your cat feels safer in another area and that may very well resolve the problem. This may take a bit of time but if the issues are behavioural you need to be calm and supportive. You may also want to try changing the cat litter. & Choosing Pet Litter  Finally, if you have no luck you may need to enlist the help of an animal behaviourist who will be able to identify the cause and come up with strategies to overcome the problem.