Three Ways Pets Can Help with Stress

Three Ways Pets Can Help with Stress

Patting and relaxation

Patting your pet can be extremely therapeutic. In addition to giving them some love, the effects will be positive for you too. After just a few moments of patting, your brain will start to release serotonin and oxytocin – making us feel happier. Some studies have been reported to show blood pressure dropping after around ten minutes of patting a pet. Take time daily to sit with your pet and pat. There’s no rush, be soft and gentle. You can do this even while you’re watching television or simply sitting with them. Give it a go.

Getting outdoors

When we feel wound up, it can be hard to focus. Our minds race and usually the body tenses up. A great way to release stress is to move your body. Release some of that energy. Pets can be wonderful for reminding us to do this. Take your dog for a nice walk, take your cat into the garden and play, or create an obstacle course for your pet bunny and do it with them.

Create connections

Pets can be a terrific way to meet other people. No matter what sort of pet you have, you are sure to find other pet owners with the same pet. In the first instance, you can look in your local community. There may be a dog walking group or park you can visit. Or for other types of pets, get online! There are many groups and forums you can be part of. Interacting with others is a great way to keep us connected and happier.

Pets can bring us so much joy and make us happier people . Always remember it’s a two-way street. While your pet can bring you lots of love and happiness, make sure you are doing the same for them.