Pet Resumes

Pet Resumes

What’s included in a pet resume?

A resume is the perfect way to document your pet’s information and can be used for a variety of purposes, making both your lives easier. A pet resume is a document (around 1-2 pages maximum) that includes all their vital information. Information may include whether they have been vaccinated and the dates, what training they have had, as well as health or medical issues. You can also include a photo along with some information about their personality type and their daily routine.

What do you need a pet resume for?

Pet resume have become increasingly popular with rental applications. Landlords will consider pets more seriously when they have all the information. This helps them to decide whether your pet is the right match for their property. Always be honest. While you of course want to show them in their best light, being misleading will only lead to problems down the track when you and the landlord discover your pet really isn’t the right match for the property.

Other purposes for pet resumes

Aside from rental applications, pet resumes can be extremely useful for other purposes such as when you take your pet to day care, long-term holiday care or have a pet sitter. In these instances, you may have slightly different information. You can be more detailed about your pet’s behaviours, quirks, likes and dislikes as this will assist the carer immensely.

Pet resumes can be a simple task that can save a lot of time. They don’t have to be fancy, keep it simple. Type up the information using headings for each section. Have your pet’s key details at the top of the page including name, age and breed. Keep it no longer than two pages and a nice photo will always help the person reading it get a better sense of your pet.