Is It OK to Spoil Your Pet?

Is It OK to Spoil Your Pet?

We all love our pets and want to show them how special they are, but can spoiling them have negative effects? Sometimes we do it because we simply adore our pets and other times we feel bad about not finishing a to-do list, like taking them for walk.

Is spoiling your pet OK? Let`s find it out.

Extra food and treats

Many pets will react enthusiastically to food or special food treats. While it’s fine to give your pet a treat, it should be done in moderation. Overfeeding your pet can lead to health issues such as obesity. While you may want to spoil them, overfeeding is not a good idea.

Bending the rules

You may have set up a list of rules when your pet first came into your life. Perhaps a certain room is out of bounds, or they are not allowed on a particular piece of furniture. When we want to spoil our pets, we may want to bend the rules a little. While this is perfectly OK to do (and up to you!) remember that animals learn behaviours and if you bend the rules even once, you may find they will continue to bend them. Don’t expect your pet to understand the idea of ‘just this one time’.

Healthy ways to spoil your pet

If you want to find other ways to spoil your pet, you can! Why not take them to a pet spa, go for an extra-long walk, spend more time playing and engaging with them, or get them a new toy.

It’s OK to spoil your pet every now and then, for many of us we just can’t help ourselves! However, never forget that your pet most likely doesn’t understand limits. Always remember your pet’s health and well-being and keep it in moderation.