How To Name Your Pet

How To Name Your Pet

Make it easy to say

For many pets, they will start to learn their name. This is especially true for cats and dogs. They can learn the sound of their name and the pitch. For this reason, you want to choose a name that is easy to say. You’re most likely going to be saying it a lot.  Make sure it’s something you can manage. Also keep in the mind that dogs and cats should have name tags, so you want their name to fit on their tag.

Create a shortlist

Coming up with a list of names can be great fun. If you can, get family or friends involved. You can find inspiration on name websites or from baby naming books. Create a list of your top ten, then bring it down to your top five. It can be a good idea to spend time with your pet before you make a decision. A name you liked initially may not suit the personality of your pet.

Changing your pet’s name

If possible, avoid changing your pet’s name. It may not matter for fish for example, but other animals like cats and dogs can become used to their name fairly quickly. If you want to change it after a long period of time, you may find it takes your pet a while to adjust to the change. If you can, try changing it to something similar sounding to what you initially chose.

Remember that you will use your pet’s name over the course of their life. Think long term. Smoochie Puppy may be cute for your new puppy, but will it be as desirable once they are older? Practice saying your pets name aloud, see how it feels. If you can’t decide, take a vote. Ask family members, friends or even take it to social media! For more inspiration, you can read more here.