Different Ways to Carry Your Pet

Different Ways to Carry Your Pet

Some pets like to be carried. Smaller pets, elderly or perhaps pets that like to be close to their owners can enjoy being carried around. What are the different ways to transport your pet, without them having to walk?

Pet Strollers

Pet strollers work much in the same way strollers for children do. You place your pet in the carriage and push them along. There are various strollers on the market for pets. This can be a good alternative if you want to get your pet outdoors, but they can’t walk on a lead. This could be because they are learning to socialise or are injured, for example.

Pet slings

Perhaps a more recent addition to the pet accessory market is slings for pets. These come in all different styles but generally you place the sling on your body (across your chest) and your pet sits inside. Your pet should have access to the open air, and their head should be free to move outside of the sling.

Front chest backpack

A chest backpack is like wearing a backpack on the front of your body. Your pet sits inside, with their head free to move much like the sling. This offers more support for you, as the weight of the bag and your pet is more evenly distrusted.

Carrying pets can be convenient for a range of reasons. Unwell or less mobile pets may still like to go outdoors, or a you may like to travel with your pet. What is most important to note here is that most pets still need exercise. If you are using a carrier, ensure your pet is still receiving an adequate amount of exercise. Your pet should also be relaxed and happy when inside the carrier. If not, do not force them to use it.