Bunny Proofing Your House

Bunny Proofing Your House

Rabbits can be wonderfully loving pets. They have plenty of personality and often enjoy receiving human attention. That’s why many rabbit owners have their pet rabbits live inside their home. Rabbits can be trained, so having them share your space is very doable.

Toilet training

Rabbits can be trained to use a litter tray. This ensures your home isn’t covered in droppings! Place the tray in the same place, so your rabbit always knows where to go, when they need to go! Use a low tray that they can easily get in and out of. Cover in a layer of organic matter like hay. The main thing to remember is that your rabbit may take time to learn to use the litter tray. In fact, even though you place the tray in one spot, they may insist on using another spot where is no tray. In this instance, you can persevere or give in and move the tray to where they have chosen.

Keeping your bunny safe

Rabbits are busy little ones that will investigate and explore when they feel like it. If you are sharing the inside of your home with your bunny, make sure it’s safe. As they like to chew, keep items such as electrical cords, bottles with liquids and anything else that could be potentially dangerous out of their way. It’s also a good idea to seal off tights space that they could go into, and potentially become stuck.

Access to the outdoors

If you live in a place that allows it, you can still give your rabbit time for outside play. They will happily hop around gardens or small patches of lawn. Always supervise your bunny and ensure they are safe from predators and the elements.

Finally, make sure your bunny has somewhere safe and secure to sleep. Rabbits can be nervous animals, so ensure they have a comfortable place where they can relax.