3 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Pet

3 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Pet

Extra attention

Nearly all animals are social.  They love interaction and attention. While we should do this daily for our pets, make today an extra special day. Find their favourite toys, take them for a walk, create a fun obstacle course for them, brush their fur or simply let them sit with you for longer than usual. They will adore the extra love! If you have a pet that doesn’t enable this sort of interaction why not spend the extra time making sure they have their own engagement toys such as in a fish tank.


Give your pet and their surroundings a makeover. Not all pets like to be groomed, but for many it’s a treat. Give them a nice brush or a massage. If they don’t like that just a good pat session will be appreciated too. While you’re at it, spend some time washing their bedding, cleaning their toys and any other areas they spend a lot of time in. Think about that feeling when you slip into a bed with fresh sheets, you can do that for your pet too.

Support their species or animal friends

There are many animal shelters, charities and organisations out there that need help. Whether it be financial, volunteering long-term or a one-off. Support your pet by supporting their animal friends. If you can’t afford to donate, offer your services! You could walk a dog at a shelter, offer to clean up or if you’re business or marketing savvy, offer to help them with any projects – it’s the perfect way to show your love!

Have a paw-tastic Valentine’s Day and remember, while it’s wonderful to celebrate on this special occasion, pets need our love every day.